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Yeah okay, I was a lionfish. why did i come up with that? it was the
result of a trip to Big Al's Fish Emporium on North Road. The
place with the shark feeding frenzies on tuesday nights. they had
a tank of lionfish that was my inspiration, as i went there one
afternoon with Melissa (pictured as a naughty, naughty
schoolgirl, with feaky me at top). Handmade, cuz where the hell
does one find a lionfish costume already made? I modified a dress
I had used in an angelic photo shoot in 2001, and made everything
else with pipe cleaners, light sheer fabric, wire ribbon, and
some burgundy acrylic gouache paint. Considering i was unable to
wear anything even remotely resembling a jacket in this getup, i
didnt freeze to death. We all went out to Luv Affair, which was
full of people in interesting costumes, such as the frightening
giant werewolf guy. eeeek. also along to dance up a storm was
Erin-the-Medusa and Mikhaela, convincingly donning a Mikhaela
costume. after downing a zombie like it was a shooter, i was
whisked away to the Morrissey with Rachel (policewoman!) to
see the Nasty On play. those results are below. if i recall
correctly, Matthew was 'dead' and Allen was 'cooler than you'.
and by god, is that Animal back there on drums?? why don't all
drummers do this? what a great idea. the drumkit was placed on
The World's Slipperiest Carpet, and Jason found himself butt-to-
bass-drum on a couple of occasions. Only stayed for one of their
sets before heading back to Luv Affair. Danced. Had a good time.
I was elated that three people throughout the evening knew I was
a lionfish and thought it was interesting enough to mention it to
me, despite them not knowing who the hell I was. these were all
people who worked in aquariums or owned exotic aquariums. neat.
also loved the giggly stares from the cute little Asian women at
the bus stop on the granville bridge. Halloween is fabulous!!!
By the way, i know these photos are rough. who cares??? this
isn't portfolio stuff... this is halloween documentation. don't
blame the drunk girl with the point + shoot camera.